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2019 Luxury Bedrooms

The bedroom is the sanctuary from the outside world.  It is the place we are most at peace and we want our bedrooms to be a setting where we rest, recharge and make a good night sleep as comfortable as possible.

However, everybody has a different opinion on what best represents a comfortable setting for rest. Some like a luxurious decorative setting perhaps with direct access to dressing room or boudoir. Others prefer a paired back setting with subtle and simple decoration.

At Design Space Marbella we have had experience with many different approaches to the aesthetics of the bedroom and we have a solution for all tastes whether off the shelf doors and interiors or custom made to specific ideas of the client.

A good relationship between clients and designers at Design Space Marbella is our primary aim, whether the bedroom storage is a built in wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe, it is crucial that between us we can establish a good flow throughout the room and that the use of the space is natural, ergonomic and instinctive for the user.

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